The School Council at Coomb Briggs Primary School

Coomb Briggs Primary School

School Council

Mrs Foster and Mrs Smith have set up Coomb Briggs' School Council.

All classes held a democratic vote to decide who should be their class representatives. These can be seen below:




Charlie B







Alfie M





Logan Br








All of the children were presented a bright yellow 'School Councillor' badge to wear proudly on their school jumper.

Meeting 1 - November 2018

  • The school councillors met each other and had their photo taken for the school display in the entrance.
  • We discussed the role and expectations for a school councillor.
  • The councillors were tasked with finding out from their class what Christmas themed activities they want to experience within their classes.
  • The councillors held a vote to decide the theme of the tree near to Year 5 and Year 6. The theme that was chosen to decorate the tree was 'Snowflakes.'

Thank you to Hayden, Mia, Zack and Phoebe who volunteered to help type up the meeting minutes and a letter to the parents about the Snowflake activity.

Meeting 2: November 2018

  • The council members brought their classes ideas for festive activities which could take place in school in the run up to Christmas in school. We collated the ideas and Mrs Smith and Mrs Foster will present these ideas to the other teachers at this week’s staff meeting so we can get some of them planned in!
  • We also finalised our letter to go home to parents to inform them about our Snowflake/seasonal tree activity. Thank you to the school council members for delivering the letters to each class!

Meeting 3: December 2018

  • Since our last meeting Mrs Foster and Mrs Smith spoke to the other teachers at a staff meeting to decide which festive events we will have taking part in school in the lead up to Christmas. Lots of suggestions were successful including
    - Christmas themed mindful colouring
    - Christmas disco
    - Christmas coffee morning to raise funds for St Andrew’s Hospice  – all classes to bake something to be sold at the coffee morning
    - Christmas jumper day.
  • We also had a look at the snowflakes on the seasonal tree that have arrived in school since our letter went home after our last meeting.

Meeting 4: December 2018

  • We met to discuss this week’s coffee morning. Each class told the others what they are baking ready for the coffee morning and all of the council members found out that they will be helping the adults to run the stalls in the hall. We discussed all of the different jobs which adults needed help with and allocated roles for the coffee morning.
  • Thank you to Hayden and Mia for their help in helping write a short parent/carer feedback form linked with the coffee morning so we could find out which days and times best suit parents/carers for future events.

Meeting 5: February 2019

  • We met today for a science focus to discuss 'Science Focus Week' coming up in school. We asked the council members to meet with their classes to find out what types of scientific activities they want to see as part of science week. They will bring their classes ideas back to the next meeting for Mrs Smith and Mrs Foster to collate. Mrs Smith also told the council members that we have been lucky enough to have  had a new Science magazine ordered for school called Whizz Bang Pop. As soon as the magazine is in school Mrs Smith and Mrs Foster will get the Council members to take some copies to introduce the magazine and share with their class. The magazine was paid for by one of the school governors and the council members will be writing a thank you letter as a follow up task to this meeting.