The Erasmus+ Project at Coomb Briggs Primary School

Coomb Briggs Primary School

Erasmus+ Project

Part of our curriculum encourages the idea of enterprise, which sees the older children designing and creating their own projects in cooperation with the named person in this application. We have encouraged links with both the local community and industry with our projects, raising money for both school activities and local charitable causes.

In addition to this we have started to work with a local school/university partnership, in order to produce a joint Newspaper. We also have our own ICT expert who specialises in digital photography.

Our Deputy  Headteacher is  experienced in running previous Comenius projects, bringing enthusiasm and energy to the role. He understands the need for organisation at both school level and within the project group. He also leads our Enterprise projects from start to finish, getting students to think about teamwork, final products, start up costs and profit margins. This is part of his work as the Maths coordinator, implementing practical activities/real situations into the curriculum.

The Headteacher goes beyond the role of being the legal representative for the school as she immerses herself in all activities. Her main concern is how the school is seen and makes sure it succeeds in all that it does. This was reflected when the school recently won the Local Authority golden apple award for Community links.  Included in her vast array of skills is her artistic nature, allowing for leadership in all things creative.


The Heads of evaluation are Miss Lingard and Mrs Day. Miss Lingard is our Year 3 teacher and qualified dance instructor. She brings ICT experience into the school, producing professional looking DVD’s and mp4 videos to showcase the work. These help her assess by end result, however the end product is just one example of the work undertaken along with the analytical skills used to bring together. Mrs Day has the overall responsibility to pass judgement on anything school related. She designs and implements data and tracking grids for groups and individuals alike. This year has highlighted this due to a forever changing climate of reporting.


The heads of dissemination are Mr Shaw and Mrs Smith. Mr Shaw is Head of ICT and oversees this area of the curriculum, he is also responsible for keeping parents informed of changes to e-safety. On a more personal level Mr Shaw is also the local school union representative, supporting teachers in all schools across the authority. If there is any up to date information on legal and teaching requirements he is at the centre of it. Mrs Smith is head of Science and Key Stage 1, she has a skill of making sure all work undertaken is done at an appropriate level for the younger children in the school. There is a passion to make sure the younger children achieve and take part in all whole school activities and as a result we know the project will truly be a whole school opportunity.


The Heads of Validation are Miss Green and Mrs. Oakley. Miss Green is the Early Years/ SEN coodinator who makes sure that the very youngest children and those with educational difficulties access all of the curriculum. In this role she understands more than most the need to be accurate and the legitimacy of activities. A quality that will help stabilise the project at school level. Also during the last project Miss Green shadowed Mr Bell in leading the mobilities and took an active role in becoming a deputy coordinator, a role she is willing to undertake again. Mrs Oakley is the most senior teacher at the school and is in charge of literacy projects/targets.   She holds the responsibly also of validating the end of school tests and data and knows the importance for reporting in a sound and concise manner. Her experience of teaching is invaluable to others as she has an ability to pass on her enthusiasm and skills. A role she undertakes when we have visitors to the school.

The head of Languages is Madame Fleming. She is our weekly French teacher who has a flair with language, overseeing French with all of the junior aged children. She brings a European flair to the school and helps establish links with others. A role she is happy to bring to the project.

Find out more on the Erasmus+ website.


Our Erasmus corner was set up to change after each visit.

Experimenting with Mediterranean cooking. Good enough to sell?

Designing and making key rings to be sold in Spain

In maths we worked out the cost for each key ring to be 50p and we sold them for 2 Euro. This enhanced our understanding of loss and profit.

Making key rings from start to finish

Snap cards to be sold in Germany

At 3 Euro a box these did not sell but a sale price of 2 Euro they sold quickly.