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Welcome to Class 2

On this page you can see some of the fantastic things we do in class.

Project – Explorers

This project looks into famous explorers. We will cover lots of the history and geography curriculum while learning about Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus, Captain James Cook and Tim Peake. We will also make an explorers buggy as part of a design technology project.

You can find more about the learning we have planned for this term in our Class Newsletter.

Class 2

Mrs Smith

Children in Need 23 November

As part of Children in Need the children came to school in spotty and yellow clothing.

Year 2 children baked some Pudsey biscuits when they were learning to weigh and measure ingredients. Mrs Vincent also made some delicious Pudsey cupcakes so that all children could purchase something with their donations. Thank you again, as a school we raised £264.14

Sugar 20 November

We looked at the role of sugar in our diet. We learnt how sugar can be both good and bad for our body.

To help us understand further we:

Fighting Fit 15 November

Food Groups 15 November

We have been learning about the importance of food, in order to keep us ‘Fighting Fit’. We learnt about the 5 main food groups and the amount we should be eating from each group. We started to understand nutrition and how each food group helps our body. 

Cavemen and Cavewomen 18 October

Year 2, including Mrs Smith and Miss Antoine had a great day learning about cavemen and cavewomen!

We learnt that cavemen and cavewomen communicated through symbols, beating sticks and through simple gestures. We then went away and communicated through symbols just like cavemen and cavewomen. We spoke about the natural materials they would have used in order to communicate through symbols. Art and Design was the session we enjoyed the most! We made clay bowls which were used to cook and eat food from. We learnt that clay is mud and it is found naturally. We also made some fantastic jewellery and our very own cave art using cotton to replicate the inside of the cave. We used materials like charcoal, pastels, berries and wax to draw animals and symbols, just like cavemen and women did. We learnt that they grinded up rocks and added animal fat to draw with, as well us using animal blood, leaves and berries to add colour. We enjoyed making tools using rocks, sticks and leather. We learnt that cavemen and women needed tools to hunt and to protect themselves from danger.

The Place Where We Live

Local Walk Around Immingham 4 October

Before walking around our local area, we needed to learn about road safety. Mrs Smith and Miss Antoine taught us the 'Green Cross Code', although we still know we should be crossing the road with a grown up at our age. We learnt about the importance of looking bright while we are out and about on the streets and where the best places are to cross the road. We learnt we should never cross on the corner of a street and that we should find a zebra or pelican crossing, even if it means we have to walk a little further.

On our walk around Immingham we learnt about the features of a town. We explored some of the main amenities and used a simple map to identify them. We learnt that a map has symbols to show us the location of different buildings and a key to explain what each symbol means.

Immingham Museum 4 October

We visited the museum to learn about homes in the past. We learnt that it was hard work! We experienced a typical washing day where we learnt new language such as mangle, dolly tub and posher. It was great fun but hard work!