Coomb Briggs Primary School

Welcome to Class 2

On this page you can see some of the fantastic things we do in class.

Lab Rascals 30 May

Reception and Key Stage 1 have enjoyed working with Lab Rascals for 5 weeks.
Week 1 – Dry Ice
Week 2 –Slime
Week 3- Light
Week 4 - Bath Bombs
Week 5 - Volcano

Class 1

Mrs Smith


Class 2's Farm Shop 30 May

Class 2 have worked really hard to create their own farm shop. We made posters on Pic Collage to advertise the event to our family members. We followed recipes to make scones, quiche, bread, potato salad, rhubarb crumble and coleslaw, as well as designing and making our own food packaging and bags. We made a profit of £42.

Year 2 go to Pink Pig Farm 17 May

We went to Pig Pink Farm for many different reasons. The first was to learn what a farm is, as well as the importance of them. Throughout the day we learnt about the day to day running of a farm by helping out with different jobs. We learnt about a range of different crops and the foods that are produced from them. We learnt that nearly every food we eat starts on the farm. We learnt lots about wheat and how the seeds are ground into flour. We also went to learn about the real running of a farm shop so that we could create our own in school.