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Dahl Class

Welcome to Dahl Class with Mrs Fenner and supported by Mrs Judge. Our class is named after the author Roald Dahl. He is a very popular author amongst children and I encourage your children to read his books.

Dahl Class

Mrs K Fenner

Class Newsletter

Spring Term 2020

Class 3 have been so busy this term. We have been learning about the Vikings and now we are learning about Chocolate in our History and Geography lessons. We have been learning about poems in English and we have even entered a poetry competition! We have just had World Book Day to which was fun. We have been training in our P.E session for Cross Country. We have improved our personal bests and we are getting fitter and stronger at it.

Eden Camp

We went to Eden camp for our school trip this term. We learnt lots of new things about the war. All the different huts were interesting and exciting.

Term 2 Autumn

This term we have been very busy with our WW2 topic. We have had a World War 2 day, where we came and dressed up as children from the war, we learnt about black outs, evacuation, rationing, and games children might have played.

We also had a tea dance afternoon, where we invited our parents/carers to watch us sing and dance to songs from the war time. We sang White Cliffs of Dover. We also had some cake and a cup of tea!

In science we are learning about forces and magnets. In P.E we are working on our gymnastic skills and basketball skills.

We are even trying to fit in our Christmas play rehearsal. Year 3 are very busy!

Dahl Class have been so busy learning about lots of different things, so far…

Roald Dahl Day

This day was so exciting! We are the Roald Dahl class and we celebrated Roald Dahl day. We dressed up, completed comprehension tasks, solved Roald Dahl problems and we created some art work based on the characters and the settings. We also got to invent a new chocolate bar or sweet for Mr Willy Wonka in his factory! We’ve just started to read The Twits for our first class reading book.


We are reading Charlotte’s Web at the moment. We are learning lots of new words from the book and we are predicting what might happen next in the story, supported by retrieving information from the text.


The children were petrified as they crept up to the eerie, gruesome, old house. …. ‘ (Madison, Year 3) We are writing really descriptive settings and trying to up level our writing by adding new words from Word Of The Day.


We are very busy at our maths; we have been looking at place value and mental addition and subtraction. We are very excited to start our Rock Stars Times Tables.


So far we have been learning different things about London. We have designed and created The London Eye with spaghetti and marshmellows. The biggest Big Ben with cardboard boxes, we have had our own British tea party with a tea dance. We have learnt about what London looked like in the past, maps of the tube lines and landmarks. We will be comparing it to where we live.


In P.E we are learning Hockey skills and how to play a match. We are also doing gymnastics on a Thursday and learning how to cartwheel and other skills.


We are listening to poems and adding sounds and we are also rehearsing different songs each week.


We are currently learning about ‘Light and Dark’. We have been doing some light and dark experiments, which are fun and interesting.


We are discussing our friendships and families in our RSE lessons.


We have just started to speak French and we are now confident with our basic greetings.