Coomb Briggs Primary School

Welcome to Class 5

On this page you can see some of the fantastic things we do in class.

Class 5

Mr Bell

Peter Thorpe

We have looked at the abstract Space work by Peter Thorpe and had a go at recreating our own versions. We started with the foreground before creating a background. We then went on to grid and pattern work.

Exploring Landscapes

In order to move on to Space abstract work we looked at landscapes, exploring the work of a famous artist. We also experimented with the canvas and paint. This was both toast and acrylic paint to demonstrate the slow build up of paint and the mixture of paint , pencil and glitter. Both have helped with our artistic techniques, helping us become more creative when completing topic work.

Year 5 and 6 Enterprise Event

Maths 3D Shapes

I can conduct a simple experiment to find if materials are soluble.