Welcome to Kinney Class at Coomb Briggs Primary School

Coomb Briggs Primary School

Welcome To Kinney Class – Year 6

We are named after the author Jeff Kinney – who has written the ‘Diary of a Wimpey Kid’ books.

We will update this web page with information and pictures to keep you up to date with the fantastic work we are doing, so please check back again soon!

Kinney Class

Mr Friggieri and Miss Nicholson

Science – The Human Circulatory System

The children have been learning all about the human circulatory system.  We have found out about the structures and organs that make up this system, what each structure and organ does and have even recreated a full size model of the circulatory system.

Topic – Crime and Punishment

The children are learning all about crime and punishment from Roman times through to modern day life.  The children are discovering about how crime punishments have changed through the centuries, the introduction of the legal system and formation of the Police Force.