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Welcome to Donaldson Class

Hello and Welcome to Donaldson Classes page.


Please follow the link below to the Early Years Curriculum. Children's development is assessed daily through adult led and independent activities driven by the children's interests.

You will find an Early Learning Goal at the end of each subject section. These are the goals your child should be achieving by the end of the Foundation Stage (end of this school year).

This term we are focusing on stories by the famous author Julia Donaldson. We will be looking at Monkey Puzzle, Stickman, What the ladybird heard, The highway rat and The scarecrow wedding. We will focus on hearing rhymes, writing our own riddles and reading captions using our developing phonics skills.

Our Curriculum

Development Matters in the EYFS

Donaldson Class

Here is the induction presentation we gave to parents.

We have been baking! 14 February

Donaldson Class have been learning about instructions this week in Literacy. We baked cakes together on Monday with the children telling Mrs Riley the instructions. They said 'put the eggs in' to which they soon realised Mrs Riley would put the whole eggs in the bowl.

We learnt that we needed to use bossy verbs at the beginning of our sentences such as crack, pour and spoon. We then worked hard all week to write our own instructions to match the images from Monday. We even used bossy verbs when we were getting busy.

Crossing the Road 29 November

This week we have been learning about the role of a lollypop lady and talking about how to be safe crossing the road.

We have learnt about stop, look, listen wait and cross to help us cross. We have also learnt about pelican crossings and zebra crossings. We have created posters to share with other children and even looked for different types of crossings in Immingham using Google maps.

Aspirations Week 18 October

During Aspirations Week we talked about different jobs we may like to do when we are grown up. Some children wanted to be vets, teachers, policemen and even a car race starter!

We learnt about chefs, gardeners, vets and athletes.

On Thursday Chris visited our school to show us Chatta. We talked about vets and learnt new language such as thermometer and magnifying glass. Follow the link below to watch our Chatta story. Watch our Chatta story

On Friday, we learnt about the athlete Mo Farah. We read a book called 'Ready Steady Mo' and learnt that he was good at running. We watched videos of his running and we even ran across the playground to see how fast we could run. We weren't quite as fast as Usain Bolt!!

Our Week 11 October