Coomb Briggs Primary School


We have a range of out of school activities for our pupils.


Science Club

Y1&2 After School

Runs from 13 November to 4th December



Indoor Athletics (Selected)

Y5&6 After School

Runs from 7-28th November



Table Tennis Club

Y3&4. Before school

Runs from 8th November to 6th December

P.E. Club

Y1&2 After School

Runs from 11 October to 8 November

P.E. Club

Reception & Y1 After School

Runs from 15 November to 6 December

Sewing Club

Mrs Foster is running sewing club for Year 1 and 2 children.

Week 2:

The children applied last week's skills to use a running stitch to make a heart shaped book mark which goes over the corner of their book page. The children were so speedy they had chance to sew on a different colour heart to decorate their book mark.

Week 1:

The children learnt some new vocabulary related to sewing including thread (not string!), needle, eye, fabric and binca. They practised running stitch by sewing on binca material which has holes for them to push the needle through. The children made a simple game of noughts and crosses by sewing the game grid onto the binca and then cutting out 3 shapes in one colour of felt and 3 in another colour.

Science Club

Week 2

This week we investigated ‘how many drops it would take to fill the dots’. We learnt lots of new science words and we learnt how fun predicting can me. We experimented with different liquids and found out that when the liquid was thicker we needed to use more drops. 

Week 1

This week we had rocket races. We learnt about pushing forces and the force we needed to use to launch our rocket. We learnt that the more force we used, the higher the rocket went. Bailey was the ‘rocket racing’ champion.