Healthy Places at Coomb Briggs Primary School

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Healthy Places

The adventure of....... in sugar smart world

It is that time of year again where change 4 life release a new campaign. This year it is 'The adventure of....... in sugar smart world’. This is a fun and interactive booklet that informs you and your child about the amount of sugar in different foods. Look at the booklet that has been sent home and begin your adventure. 


We are pleased to say that we have achieved 'Gold' award as part of The Healthy Places award. We couldn't have done it without you. So thank you!

We will continue to look at national campaigns and run activities that have been successful in the past. 

Food Smart Day

Food Smart Day was a big success again this year. Thank you to all those parents who came to support. The aim this year was to look at 100 calorie snacks with a focus on packed lunches. The children looked at a range of activities and worked with parents and carers to learn new things. We learned that we should have 2 snacks a day that are 100 calories or less and the amount of sugar we should have a day for our age range.

The day was filled with lots of fun activities and the children came away having learned lots of different facts.


You can see more pictures on our Food Smart Day Gallery page.

Breakfast Club 13 March

Breakfast Club 23 February

Our breakfast club started this week, here are a few photographs of the children enjoying their breakfast.

Sugar Visual Display

Big Talk 

All pupils at Coomb Briggs participated in workshops which were delivered by Big Talk. The focus of these sessions were around SRE. They delivered sessions to all age groups. Each session was tailored for the different age ranges and the resources used were appropriate for the ages teaching. All children were engaged and acted with a great level of maturity throughout.