Coomb Briggs Primary School

Our School Uniform

We are proud of our school, and the uniform gives a clear sense of identity.  Parents are extremely supportive and our pupils look very smart as a result.


Red sweatshirt/cardigan
Grey or black trousers/ skirt/ tunic
White shirt/ polo shirt
Black school shoes – NO TRAINERS

In the summer girls can wear cotton dresses and boys wear shorts.

Indoor kit:           
Plain red t-shirt
Plain black shorts
Black plimsolls
Outdoor kit:  
Plain black tracksuit (Hoodie and joggers)
Red t-shirt

Earrings are not allowed. Please fetch your own plasters to cover your ear-rings if you have your ears pierced, alternatively leave them out on P.E. days.

It is a good idea to leave both indoor and outdoor P.E. kit in school Monday to Friday.

Suppliers and prices

Uniform Direct, 2-3 Devonshire House, Bullring Lane, Grimsby

You can order the Coomb Briggs tracksuit from Pro-active, 3 Peaks Lane, New Waltham, Grimsby, DN36 4QL, telephone 01472 210210.  The tracksuit is plain black with a red Coomb Briggs fossil logo and the school name