Whole-school launch for Science Week at Coomb Briggs Primary School

Coomb Briggs Primary School

Whole-school launch for Science Week

On Monday 12th March, Steve from the ‘Dinosaur, Wildlife and Education Centre’ came into school to give pupils an unforgettable launch to Science Week!

The visit gave pupils the opportunity to touch and handle a variety of animals from other countries, which they wouldn’t usually have the chance to do. Some of these animals included: a meerkat, a python, a desert hedgehog, a genet and a cockatoo. Pupils learnt about how certain animals camouflage and how they protect themselves and their families in the wild. Pupils had the opportunity to ask questions about the animals to find out more and to feed their curiosity! Everyone had fun, was inspired and engaged!

Farron in Year 4 said: “I liked the meerkat because I liked it when it stood on your shoulder and looked for danger.”

Joe in Year 4 commented: “The girl python was really huge and from Indonesia!”

Harry in Year 4 stated: “Today was fascinating and interesting because I got to experience animals I wouldn’t usually experience!”

Pupils reported that the day was informative, entertaining and lots of fun! Thank you Steve!